About us



At Clinres Farmacija our people are our greatest asset. We understand that individuals who know they are part of a valued team perform the best.

We are constantly striving to create an environment that creates opportunities for employees to stretch their potential and fully exercise their talents; and thereby we consistent provide outstanding services to our clients.

Clinres Farmacija currently counts more than 40 employees.

Our team comprises of: Medical Directors, Medical Writers, Regulatory Affairs Managers, a Drug Safety Associate, a Director of Clinical Research, Project Managers, Senior and Junior CRAs, and Clinical Trial Assistants.

Our CRAs:

  • are born in the country where they work
  • are native speakers and can easily communicate with investigators, study nurses, pharmacists, and other study team members and can also easily read patient files and records
  • are fluent in the English language
  • are trained and certified according to ICH/GCP requirements
  • follow FDA and EMA standards
  • are familiar with the health system in their country
  • are up-to-date with the national laws and requests from regulatory agencies and ethics committees
  • are up-to-date with the local social and political situation of the society, thus understanding the status and current climate in the everyday life of investigators and the patient population in their country

“Every chance to hire a new employee is an opportunity to improve your team – or drag it down.”

Our high level of staff retention and the company’s acknowledgement as a preferred employer in region have proven that we hire the best and most appropriate people. One would instantly think the primary way of retaining employees is to pay them more. According to the Saratoga Institute, which is a Price Waterhouse Coopers company, 89% of managers think that “money” is the primary reason why employees leave, BUT 88% of employees state that they leave due to “something other than money.”

The top 4 reasons why employees stay with us:

  • A feeling of success and accomplishment
  • A feeling of satisfaction in terms of job performance
  • High levels of team motivation, while at the same time maintaining individuality
  • Rewards and recognition