About us



Clinres Farmacija is a family owned company. It was established by Dunja Vujić Podlipec, MPharm, PhD. in 2000 when first office in Ljubljana, Slovenia was opened.

As a result, Clinres Farmacija’s widely sought-after services were followed by the inevitable growth in the number of clinical trials in the SEE region. In order to fully address all customer requirements, the Clinical Research Department was moved in 2004 to a new office in Zagreb (Croatia), with the Director of Clinical Research, Romana Kajfež, Ph.D., the founder’s daughter. With a strong background in the pharmaceutical industry spanning both science and marketing, Romana Kajfež acts as a CEO in Zagreb and provided strong leadership and extensive and valuable expertise to the growth of the company into the CF Group.

Under leadership of CEO Romana Kajfez, sustained growth has led to regional expansion. The first branch office was opened in Belgrade, Serbia in 2007, followed by representative offices in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Skopje, Macedonia in 2008.

Clinres Farmacija network continued its growth and in 2009, representative offices in Hong Kong and Singapore became active. Number of branch offices grew again in 2013 and 2014 when Romania, Bulgaria and Montenegro commenced work.

Another family member, Romana’s sister Tanja Kajfež Novak, Ph.D., Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Manager (DRA and CT) successfully manages regulatory affairs and business development for the group.

Collectively, the Kajfež family has already made a substantial contribution to pharmaceutical activities in this region, with Franjo Kajfež Romana and Tanja’s father being the author of numerous patents for the rationalization of benzodiazepine synthesis.

Consequently, the Clinres Farmacija Group possesses a reservoir of experience, knowledge, expertise and well maintained contacts with good access to potential research sites and relevant institutions throughout the region.